CNC Plasma Cutter Tables & CNC Oxy-Fuel Cutting Systems
CNC Plasma Cutter for Every Job

EZ Plasma's CNC plasma cutters are built with the industrial user in mind.


CNC Plasma Cutting Systems ~ CNC Tables in 4'x8' or 40'x100'

High Definition CNC Plasma Cutter ~ Made in the USA by ezPlasma, the CNC Plasma Cutter for Every Job!

With our CNC Plasma Cutters, there is never a need to worry about your material weight warping the frame. Many of our customers are cutting 7" material on our standard table frame with our Oxy-Fuel Systems with no issues.

Why? We're glad you asked...

High quality frames constructed with US made steel, welded for rugged life is just part of the long lasting, precision attributes of an EZ Plasma CNC Cutting Machine.

Made in USA by EZ RouterNo Job is too Large or Small for our CNC Cutters. We build custom CNC Tables to fit your job or space. 10' x 50' or 4'x4' . If you are a small shop hobbyist then we have commercial grade hobby cutters for you because we believe the small shop owners deserve the best possible CNC cutter table also.

  • Custom Fabrication
  • Machinery Manufacturing
  • Equipment Manufacturing
  • Production Facilities
  • Plate Production
  • Nested Based Production
  • Metal Arts/Crafts
  • Hobbyist Jobs