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Auto-Cut WMS - The Cleanest Non-Ferrous Cut Around


The Cleanest Non-Ferrous Cut Around

The latest technology puts you in a position to save time and reduce production costs.

We don't know why anyone would not need the long overdue innovation of Water Mist Secondary. First of all, you could probably get farther, faster if every cut you made required no cleanup. Just look at this cut on 3/4" non-ferrous material.

Does every cut your shop makes right now look this beautiful? It's not likely, which is what drove Thermal Dynamics to invent their unique Water Mist Secondary system on the Auto-Cut series of conventional automated plasma cutters.

Look at the many highly desirable benefits of adding WMS to your CNC plasma cutting tasks. Unless, you have no need of increasing productivity or profit levels. It takes all types to make the world go round, so we shouldn't just assume that there isn't anyone out there that doesn't need to make more money.

WMS Benefits

Thermal Dynamics CNC plasma cutting innovations on ez Router machines to save you time, money and processing.

  • Lowest operating cost
  • Up to 3 times faster cutting speeds than Ar-H2
  • Dross-free cutting
  • Oxide-free cut surface
  • Wide parameter window
  • Easy to use
  • Laser-like cut quality on Aluminum
  • Small heat effected zone
  • Less distortion
  • Same weldability than Ar-H2

WMS is recommended for cutting materials up to 1" (25mm) thick.

How Does WMS Technology Work?

Increase your production and profits with ez Router and WMS on Thermal Dynamics CNC plasma cutting system options.

The process in Water Mist Secondary uses nitrogen as the plasma gas while water is used as the secondary gas or shield gas. The technology divides the water in the torch during the cutting process into its principal components of hydrogen and oxygen.

This causes the hydrogen to create a reduced atmosphere in the cutting zone, isolating it from contaminating elements. The result of this advanced plasma cutting method produces a clean, dross-free and oxide-free cut surface. Even better is the fact that the majority of the water used during the process (from 4 to 8 GPH (0.25 to 0.5 l/ min) is converted to principal gas components. This means disposal is no longer required.

WMS... its a beautiful thing! This innovation is part of both the Ultra-Cut and Auto-Cut optional plasma cutting systems you can request as an upgrade on any of our ez Router CNC plasma models.